"Salt Water Jihad consitently drop raw, explosive, power!
The likes of which the Christian world has never seen nor heard before."

- Tim Duggan, Rolling Stone




1. Hello (MCE)
2. Bondi Blues
3. Sauce Me Up
4. SWJ War Cry
5. Can’t Get My Wetsuit Off
6. Ride My Thruster 2
7. Beat Box #1 (MCE)
8. Snackin’ (on the Snatch)
9. She Needs a Bumper on that Booty
10. Warmin’ Up
11. Byron Bay Guesthouse
12. Sniffles (MCE)

13. Patent Leather Shoes
14. SWJ War Cry 2
15. Byron Bay Guesthouse 2
16. Ride My Thruster


Eran “Fish Fingers” Thomson - Vocals
Jonathan “Ish-ish” Duncan - Drums
Richard “Mr. Blister” Cartwright - Bass
Benjamin "Tzu Nami" Peacock - Guitar

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  Sex Surfing and Silliness  

Salt Water Jihad may call their unique sound “Punktry Funk” but their style is truly beyond definition. Is it Punk? Funk? Country? Disco? Rock? Yes. Get you some, before they blow up. Or worse, start taking themselves seriously.

The band’s controversial name is a result of big swell that hit Bondi Beach, Australia in mid 2005. On one particular day (probably a Wednesday) there were so many surfers walking around with broken boards it appeared as if war had been declared against them by the sea. A Salt Water Jihad.

To date the Jihad have only played together twice, that’s right…twice, and their first release, "Surfing, Sex and Silliness," is a live recording of their second practice session at Zen Studios in Sydney. No pre-rehearsed licks, pre-arranged beats or tired lyrics…just impromptu musical mayhem.

All their songs are about the things they know and love most: surfing and sex. They’re not trying to be famous, or even great, they just want to have a laugh. And this comes through in their music. Laugh with them. Laugh at them. As long as you laugh.

That’s what Salt Water Jihad is really all about.

- Colt Greene, Sydney, July 17, 2006


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