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Stuff My Wife Says aka Dysexlic.com

You Won’t Believe the Shit My Wife Says

My wife is smart and sassy.

But sometimes she gets her mixed words up.

We think it’s funny. Maybe you will too.

Read all the latest humdingers here.

tish my wife says, shit my wife says, dysexlic
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If you’re wondering how this even happened, the answer is sleep.

The lack of it.

She works hard and her brain is fine, but every once in a while the synapses fire too fast, too slow, or misfire altogether and we get comedy gold.

I started writing them down because they cracked me up.

Stuff My Wife Says aka Dysexlic.com 1
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And then all these posts from “Stuff my Dad says” or “Shit my Dad says” started appearing in my social feed and I figured we had the goods to play along.

So I set up a blog, added some of my own commentaries, and then told exactly one person: my wife.

Since then “Dysexlic.com” (Changed to tiSh My Wife Says) has grown into a wonderful compendium of literary masterpieces that bring joy to an ever-increasing audience.

I invite you to join us and subscribe. We publish new posts every week on Word Salad Wednesdays.

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And if you’re interested in having either of us or both of us on your podcast, drop me a note.



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