IITYWYBMAB - Eran Thomson


IITYWYBMAB – Curious? Confused? Think you know but looking for confirmation? Ask Eran Thomson. He’ll set you straight… if you say yes.

Eran Thomson at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - The Near Death Experience

The Near Death Experience

Master Storyteller, The Moth Finalist, and Founder of Australia’s fastest-growing comedy school, Eran Thomson, takes to the stage to recount all 17 times he’s nearly died (along with a few close calls) in his action-packed hour-long Australian debut.

Eran Thomson Haiku Fuck You

Haiku Fukyu

Haiku Fukyu is a collection of poems for idiots written by Eran Thomson that he hand delivers to annoying people who deserve worse, but get this poetry instead.

Eran Thomson Comedy Writer Director Commercial Video Ads Advertising Award Winning Cannes, Clios, DNAD, AWARD


I’m excited to be joining the team at Chimney. Partly because it means I get to make more funny things, but also because their Scandinavian origins mean that I can talk like the Swedish Chef in meetings.

Dhal Burglar Film Poster Director: Eran Thomson


Channeling my inner MacGyver led to the invention of the “Stick Steadi-Cam,” that was featured in an Apple Store seminar on iPhone filmmaking. The films it was used on is a wonderful souvenir from a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka.