An archive of past



Koobars are weighted bookmarks that keep books, magazines, and newspapers open and your hands free for other things. Get yours at

Pill Face

To make the daily drudgery of pill taking a bit more palatable and fun, Eran Thomson starting making Pills with Personality™ and Pill Face was born.

Good Morning Dreamer

I have weird dreams and some people seem to enjoy hearing about them. So I made a terrible podcast. Listen at your own risk.

The "C" & Borracho Show

Two best amigos sneak across the border to make it big in Hollywood and land jobs as illegal cleaners at a Community Access TV Station.


An Evening of Gentlemanly Storytelling and Debauchery, is a not-so-secret society where we share good food, good stories, and good times.

Middle Age Rampage

A dance party for grown-ups who need to get home or get up early, but still like to get down. Featuring the world’s best DJ’s, bartenders and babysitters.

Holy Cluck

Hatched as a practical joke, this chicken burger appreciation society grew up to be a thing. The reviews stopped because we all got fat.


My first short film, about a lonely luchador looking for love. Watch it along with my commercial work at


Donkeburra is a secret dynamic duo who create mysterious and uncredited art installations across the globe.

Salt Water Jihad

A “punktry funk” band. No pre-rehearsed licks, pre-arranged beats or tired lyrics. Just impromptu musical mayhem. Sorry about your ears.

Re Gallery

The Re-Gallery in New York City was a showplace for my art, furniture, and interior design created with the found objects and recycled materials.