An archive of past


Pill Face

To make the daily drudgery of pill taking a bit more palatable and fun, I starting making Pills with Personality™ and Pill Face was born.

Good Morning Dreamer

I have weird dreams and some people seem to enjoy hearing about them. So I made a terrible podcast. Listen at your own risk.

The "C" & Borracho Show

Two best amigos sneak across the border to make it big in Hollywood and land jobs as illegal cleaners at a Community Access TV Station.


An Evening of Gentlemanly Storytelling and Debauchery, is a not-so-secret society where we share good food, good stories, and good times.

Middle Age Rampage

A dance party for grown-ups who need to get home or get up early, but still like to get down. Featuring the world’s best DJ’s, bartenders and babysitters.

Holy Cluck

Hatched as a practical joke, this chicken burger appreciation society grew up to be a thing. The reviews stopped because we all got fat.


My first short film, about a lonely luchador looking for love. Watch it along with my commercial work at

Salt Water Jihad

A “punktry funk” band. No pre-rehearsed licks, pre-arranged beats or tired lyrics. Just impromptu musical mayhem. Sorry about your ears.

Re Gallery

The Re-Gallery in New York City was a showplace for my art, furniture, and interior design created with the found objects and recycled materials.