You are more creative than you think and I can prove it

Have you ever told yourself that you’re not creative?

Has anyone else ever told you this?

I’m here to tell you it’s nonsense.

And to help you unlock your unlimited creative potential.

welcome to

A new online workshop series from Eran Thomson

If you have ever felt uncreative, uninspired, or unimaginative, I will show you how to spark your imagination, generate tons of ideas, unleash your latent creative superpowers, and live a more joyful and expressive life.

un-lock your un-limited creative potential

In this course, I’m going to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over a twenty-plus-year career in creativity and I will arm you with the tools and techniques you need to bring your best ideas into the world.

The first 50 people to call me get it free

I want to make sure the course I’m creating is the course you want.

So for a limited time, I’m setting up 10-minute calls with people who are interested in helping shape the future of Un-Un-Creative.

This is not a sales call.

It’s a conversation about creativity and how your life experience can influence the curriculum.

If you feel like answering any of the questions below or sharing any other ideas, let’s chat.

  • What are your biggest challenges or frustrations when it comes to your own creativity?
  • What is your biggest fear about creativity or being creative?
  • What does your life/business look like when you are confident in your own creative power?
  • What do you feel you are struggling with most when it comes to creativity?
  • If you could wave a magic wand and have a perfect solution to what you’re going through right now what would you need?

When the course goes live you’ll be able to take it at your own pace, on your own time.

No tests
No right or wrong
No judgement

Just me sharing what I’ve learned about using creativity to make a successful living and hopefully, inspiring you to do the same.

If this sounds cool or you’re curious to learn more I invite you to sign up with your email address below.

I’ll send you a free thing* and let you know as soon as the course opens for registration.

*I’m working on it.

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Left brains wanted

If you’re a person who has never felt creative, that’s about to change. I will help you reconnect with your imagination and find the confidence to share your ideas with the world.

Left brains wanted

If you’re a person who has never felt creative, that’s about to change. I will help you reconnect with your imagination and find the confidence to share your ideas with the world.

Right brains too

If you’re a creative professional who is open to the idea of expanding your toolkit or trying new techniques to boost the quality and quantity of your ideas, I promise this will be fun.

Why me?

I’ve made a career out of creativity.

As an award-winning creative director. As a writer and screenwriter. And as a manifester of ideas.

I’ve founded businesses, raised millions, launched products, started a school, and facilitated professional development workshops.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot of tricks, tools, and techniques.

And it is my intention to share them all to help you unleash the fullest expression of your creativity.

Why now?

There’s never a bad time to live, think, work, or play more creatively.

But right now is an especially weird time in the world.

AI is freaking people out. Companies are cutting costs. And I’ve never seen more talented people out of work or forced to go freelance.

Plus, there are still plenty of problems to solve from energy and climate to healthcare and war – and more.

Clearly, the world needs your ideas and imagination – now more than ever.

Go from “timid tryer” to committed creative

Are you tired of feeling like you’re not creative?

Do you struggle to come up with new ideas or feel stuck in your thinking?

Are you afraid to share the ideas you do have with others?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel like creativity is something that only a select few are born with.

But the truth is, creativity is a skill that anyone can learn and develop.

And that’s exactly what Un-Un-Creative is here to help you do.

This course is designed to unlock your creativity, unleash your imagination, and give you the confidence to live a more creative life.

Through a series of engaging lessons, exercises, and activities, you’ll learn how to generate new ideas, think outside the box, and approach challenges from a new perspective.

“Great ideas can from anywhere and anyone. If you think that doesn’t include you, then you need this course.”

No matter who you are or what you do, if you’re looking to reach your creative potential, this course is for you.

I’ll teach you practical tools and techniques for sparking your imagination, breaking through creative blocks, and developing ideas on demand that authentically reflect your unique voice and vision.

So if you’re ready to embrace your creative genius and take your ideas to the next level, sign up to be notified when the first course becomes available.

I can’t wait to help you be more creative and achieve your goals.

Join me on this journey of exploration and discovery, and let’s unleash our creativity together.