An archive of past businesses I've


Zuper Superannuation

Founded in 2016, Zuper super was the first values-aligned neo-wealth platform in Australia. Acquired in 2020 by RevTech and merged with OneSuper in 2021.

Laugh Masters Academy

Founded in 2012, LMA became the fastest-growing improv comedy community in Australia. Then came COVID. If you want to own an improv school, get in touch.


Founded in 2007, Friendlet was a global network of travellers who rented homes to and from trusted connections until AirBNB kicked our ass.


Founded in 2005, Freeform Sydney was an independent outpost of the UK agency and did award-winning creative work for top-tier clients. Acquired by AJF in 2014.

Prepare to Live

Founded in 2001, Prepare to Live™ was the first non-profit charitable org. founded and managed by and for young adult cancer survivors.