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Hire Eran Thomson 1

Hire Eran to write something.

Put E.T’s word wizardry to work for you. If you need an article about (insert funny/smart thing here) or an essay, screenplay, manifesto, advertising, blog post, product copy, brand tone-of-voice, or comedy sketch, he’s here for it.

Hire Eran Thomson 2

Hire Eran to write and/or direct something.

One of the industry’s top up-and-coming comedy directors, Eran loves to create content that’s super silly, but he can also do smart. Because mortgages don’t pay themselves. Watch his work at

Hire Eran Thomson 3

Hire Eran to create award-winning advertising.

Eran Thomson is an award-winning, pitch-winning, creative leader. He came up at agencies like BBH and TBWA as a copywriter and creative director before co-launching Freeform (acquired). See his folio at

Hire Eran Thomson 4

Hire Eran to give an engaging, probably funny, talk.

Eran is good with words on the page and on the stage. Count on him to Host, MC, present, and deliver engaging talks about communication and collaboration, “How to be a Joy Pusher,” all the times he’s almost died, and more.

Hire Eran Thomson 5

Hire Eran to read something he wrote.

At any given time Eran is working on a number of book ideas. And you can “book” him to do readings of new material. Most of the time it’s fun and funny. Or you can just subscribe and read early drafts of things for yourself.

Hire Eran Thomson 6

Hire Eran to come up with more good ideas than you know what to do with.

This could be in a writer’s room situation for your hilarious sitcom. Or ways to punch up your silly screenplay. Or, if he knows you, a memorable wedding rap. Maybe. Hit the button below and see what happens.

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