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Eran draws on his vast life experiences and unique sense of humour to deliver talks that are engaging, informative, and inspiring.

He is a master storyteller who can hold an audience’s attention and bring them along for a ride that always seems to end too soon.

His previous career as an advertising Creative Director means he can land a point and a message.

His journey as a cancer survivor means he can inspire others to activate their own personal power.

His experience as the Founder of Zuper Superannuation means he can frame things in a business context.

And as the Founder of Laugh Masters Academy and PowerProv he can get a laugh.


“As far as keynote speakers go, especially comedy speakers, Eran is one of the best, most inspirational speakers we’ve brought in.”

Recent speaking gigs:

Eran speaks on a range of topics including:

  • Leveraging creativity and the importance of brand.
  • Turning ideas into reality. Creating, launching, and growing start-ups.
  • Unleashing your personal power and the 12 tips to beating cancer.
  • Using the philosophies of improv in your personal and professional life.

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#1 Best inspirational speaker - Eran Thomson