How to get an awesome speech from Eran Thomson.*

To get the most out of your event and keep Eran from losing his mind, please check out this list of requirements and suggestions.

  1. Eran uses a MacBook Pro laptop running Google Slides with only USB 3 (C) ports. Please ensure you have the correct adaptors to connect to your system.
  2. No sound out required. AC power should be within six feet of the computer.
  3. Eran needs a wireless lavalier microphone. To be specific, a clip-on tie/collar microphone, not an earpiece. He’s not able to do a good job with a wired microphone, a handheld microphone or a podium microphone.
  4. For any group of more than 25 people, he needs a microphone. Please be sure that you’ve tested it on all areas of the stage for volume and for feedback
  5. Eran’s laptop is controlled by a remote control that he brings with him. The laptop must be set up within sight and no more than 20 feet of the most distant point where Eran will be standing. It usually works best to have it on a small table and out of sight of the audience so it can also work as a confidence monitor.
  6. Eran can’t give you his laptop the night before for setup and safekeeping, nor can he surrender it you the day of the event. It stays in his possession -all his work is there… However, he is more than willing to work with your team on a tech check, preferably thirty minutes before he goes on stage.
  7. TIP: In groups of more than fifty, Q&A is tempting but not usually an effective way to end the presentation. Instead, Eran recommends asking selected audience members to submit questions to a moderator in advance. Then, when the talk is over, you can have one person asking questions— ending the meeting on an up, not with, “okay, so there’s no more questions, time to go.” The other alternative is a great deal of Q&A, at least fifteen minutes.
  8. TIP: Groups that schedule a break right after Eran’s presentation are usually glad they did. You get that high-energy scrum at the front of the room for people who want to say “hi” and you get conversation time as people consider what they just learned.
  9. If your booking involves an overnight stay, please be sure to find a hotel that’s in the “cool” part of town and book a non-smoking room.
  10. TIP: Whenever possible, make the room at the event too small, not too big. This is often overlooked and it makes a huge difference. It’s also a good idea to dispense with round tables and pack people in together—at least for the speech itself.
  11. Feel free to take as many flash photos as you’d like before Eran’s talk, but please, no flash during the presentation.
  12. Socials: Eran is @eranthomson on all social media – tag away.
  13. Eran’s slides are not available for download, or for publishing as notes or a handout. In addition, unless you specifically work it out, you do not have permission to record and then resell or distribute Eran’s talk.
  14. If you’d like to interact with Eran before the event, email is actually quicker and more effective than a conference call.
  15. Dark chocolate with nuts keep’s a smile on E.T.’s face.

*From Eran: I stole most this rider from Seth Godin because over the last thirty years, he’s given more than 1000 presentations to groups as small as six and as large as 122,000 and I figure he’s figured out what works and what doesn’t.

I have given a lot of talks too, but I’m not quite at the 1000 mark, so I’m happy to learn and “borrow” from the pros. Just don’t tell Seth.