Eran Thomson at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - The Near Death Experience

The Near Death Experience

Master Storyteller, The Moth Finalist, and Founder of Australia’s fastest-growing comedy school, Eran Thomson, takes to the stage to recount all 17 times he’s nearly died (along with a few close calls) in his action-packed hour-long Australian debut.

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University of Eurail

When I chose to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill it wasn’t because I loved the school, the campus, or any specific program – although their Journalism School did teach mad skills. It was because, at the time, my Step-Dad was up for a job there, and had he taken it, college would have been free.

My Religion is Going Downhill

My first pair of skis were a gift from my Father. And when I say gift, I don’t mean he went to a shop and bought me a pair of skis. He made them. By hand. Carved, he says, from an old shipping palette

I Got Beaten by Mount Everest

A few years ago I was invited by the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation to participate on a trek up Mt. Everest. The plan was to play the world’s highest rock concert in an effort to raise money for a new Nepalese cancer center. (No doubt the record for most high people at a rock concert had already been set.)