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Welcome friend.

I'm Eran Thomson: Wordsmith, Idea Machine and Joy Pusher.

Thanks for being here. I am a writer, creative director, and innovator. Some of the businesses I’ve founded are Zuper, LMA, PowerProv, and Song Saga. I also host a 3-minute podcast and regularly make fun of my wife. If you like to smile, subscribe.

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IITYWYBMAB - Eran Thomson


IITYWYBMAB – Curious? Confused? Think you know but looking for confirmation? Ask Eran Thomson. He’ll set you straight… if you say yes.

Eran Thomson Comedy Writer Director Commercial Video Ads Advertising Award Winning Cannes, Clios, DNAD, AWARD

I Got Stuck in the Chimney

I’m excited to be joining the team at Chimney. Partly because it means I get to make more funny things, but also because their Scandinavian origins mean that I can talk like the Swedish Chef in meetings.