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Eran Thomson on the Polymath Podcast: Pushing Joy in all Directions

If you’re a multipotentialite or a polymath, or if you have no idea what those words mean, you might enjoy this delightful conversation with Dustin Miller on his excellent Polymath podcast.

Eran Thomson on the Polymath Podcast

We cover a lot of ground in true polymath style and bookend the conversation by exploring the gap and the gain, looking back and then forward 5 years.


In the middle, we talk about getting in touch with your authentic self, 10 years of improv, polymathic ego and the beginner’s mind, personal rebranding, micro and macro focus, my near-death experience book, the origin of Song Saga, “Multipotentialitis,” the multidisciplinary spectrum, influencing education, getting beaten by Mt. Everest, what it means to be a polymath and strategies for coping.

Watch our conversation above or on the Polymath YouTube channel or listen to the episode on the Polymath site or wherever you find podcasts.

Watch my interview with Perry Knoppert mentioned in this episode.

What is a polymath?

A simple definition is a person of wide knowledge or learning.  If you’re curious to know more about multipotentialites, check out this post or read the manifesto I wrote for The Octopus Movement.

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