Eran Thomson on the Enhance Life with Music Podcast Ep.135 1

Eran Thomson on the Enhance Life with Music Podcast Ep.135

The Enhance Life with Music podcast is “a holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives.”

Enhance Life with Music Podcast Hosted by Mindy Peterson

I think we all instinctively understand the impact music can have on us. Cindy Peterson’s podcast does a great job of exploring how with a wide variety of engaging guests who approach the topic from different angles.

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat

When you’ve been a guest on as many podcasts as I have, you can tell when your host is a pro.

And Mindy Peterson is a pro. She doesn’t ramble or go off-topic. She asks great questions. She sticks to the format. And she ends every episode with a Coda. (More on this below).

And she also happens to love Song Saga, the music and memory game my wife and I created.

Needless to say, we had a great chat.

Listen to the whole show below or check out Mindy Peterson’s “Enhance Life with Music” wherever you find podcasts.


One of my favorite things Mindy does in her podcast is to ask each guest to contribute the episode’s Coda by sharing a song or story about a moment that music enhanced their life.

This is pretty much exactly what Song Saga is all about. So yeah, this was fun. If you want to hear some examples, check out my 30 Cards in 30 Days.

In my Coda, I talk about the meaning and significance of May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) to me. I also sing the G. Love and Special Sauce song, “Baby’s Got Sauce” – badly. You can hear how it’s supposed to sound below.

We’re doing a giveaway too. So if you want to enter to win a copy of Song Saga, head over here and enter “Enhance Life with Music.”

Eran Thomson on the Enhance Life with Music Podcast with Mindy Peterson
Mindy’s crew with the green box that rocks.

Connecting generations with Song (Saga); with Chief Rocker and Joy Pusher Eran Thomson

The Enhance Life with Music podcast is hosted, created, and produced by Mindy Peterson, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. The show is in Chartable’s Top 200 Music Podcasts for USA and Global; has downloads in over 100 countries, and is in Listen Score’s top 10% of global podcasts.

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