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Eran Thomson on The Kids in the Room Podcast: Are You in a Word Coma?

In this wide-ranging chat, I discover the concept of “word comas” and what it means to be in one.

Is Joe Rogan in a “word coma?” Are you?

If you’re wondering what a word coma is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either.

Here’s the basic gist. If you spend enough time around a group of people who use specific language, expressions, or terms, odds are those words will become part of your vocabulary and you will start saying them too.

The problem is sometimes those words can be inappropriate, offensive, or unclear when spoken outside of that particular peer group.

This happens frequently with jargon, acronyms, or abbreviated terms across all sorts of industries, cultures, and sub-cultures.

I share an example in this episode about a time when I was working in a men’s clothing store. I was the only straight guy on staff and one day I blurted out, “That’s so gay.”

It was a record scratch moment. Thankfully, my actually gay friends agreed.

But in the awkward silence, before they all laughed,  I woke up from a word coma.


Have a listen to the rest of our chat where we discuss whether Joe Rogan might be the victim of a word coma, the prevalence of guns in Rio, my grandfather (a famous inventor of flowers), screenplays that never get made, and more.

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