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Eran Thomson on The Multipotentialite Dude: A New Box

I only recently discovered I am a multipotentialite, thanks to Perry Knoppert, aka The Multipotentialite Dude and Founder of The Octopus Movement.

Another Multipotentialite Dude?

Perry may be the OG podcast host, but I’m down with the discovery that there’s finally a box I fit in with a label that makes sense to me.

In this excellent chat, we discuss what it means to discover you’re multipotentialite, and what it means to be one.

If you’re interested, the TED Talk we mention is by Emellie Wapnick and worth a watch.


If you enjoyed this chat, check out Perry’s YouTube channel for more.

And check out my multipotentialite blog post where I share what it’s like to be a “specialist in generalism” and why we should work together.


Update: I’ve joined The Octopus Movement’s Board of Inspiration.
Job #1 was to write The Octopus Movement manifesto – now translated into over 7 languages!

Update 2: The Octopus Movement and our manifesto has been covered by Forbes Magazine!

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