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Welcome friend.

I'm Eran Thomson: Wordsmith, Idea Machine and Joy Pusher.

Thanks for being here. I am a writer, creative director, and innovator. Some of the businesses I’ve founded are Zuper, LMA, PowerProv, and Song Saga. I also host a 3-minute podcast and regularly make fun of my wife. If you like to smile, subscribe.

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Eran Thomson Comedy Writer Director Commercial Video Ads Advertising Award Winning Cannes, Clios, DNAD, AWARD

I Got Stuck in the Chimney

I’m excited to be joining the team at Chimney. Partly because it means I get to make more funny things, but also because their Scandinavian origins mean that I can talk like the Swedish Chef in meetings.

Dhal Burglar Film Poster Director: Eran Thomson

Stick Steadi-Cams, iPhones & Elephants

Channeling my inner MacGyver led to the invention of the “Stick Steadi-Cam,” that was featured in an Apple Store seminar on iPhone filmmaking. The films it was used on is a wonderful souvenir from a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka.