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Eran Thomson on the Finding the Frothers Podcast: From Improv to Impact

Eran Thomson interview on the Finding the Frothers Podcast

It was an honour and a pleasure to sit down with Mr. Benny Wallington for a chat last December. We covered a lot of frothy topics including improv, entrepreneurship, Zuper superannuation, what Spotify thinks my #1 fave musical artist is, and more.

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Show Notes

Once upon a time, two ex-ad humans sat down to yarn about how creativity is an integral part of frothing and doing good stuff in the world. 

Eran Thomson is a speaker, director, creative, social entrepreneur, not to mention improv aficionado, and the word prolific comes to mind, as he seems to take all of this in his stride. 

This jam ranges around the place from heart-centred memories existing in tokens left behind, to laughter being not only the best medicine, but also the best strategy for thriving humans in business. 

Eran is a max chiller among the many professions and we chat about the inspiration that comes from our own sporting adventures with good humans, to drawing inspo from extreme sports athletes and business focused mentors alike. 

If you’re interested in improv, or how to engage in dare I say it, serial entrepreneurship, then guess what – they go hand in hand.  

Eran is a genuinely wholesome human, so regardless of your frothy intention for listening to this episode, I’m sure like me, you’ll take away some banging insights. 

Woop woop!

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