A Laugh Threatening Situation.

A Comedic Memoir by Eran Thomson

I've nearly died 47 times.

I may not have floated through a tunnel of light, seen Heaven, or spoken to God every time, but over the years I have repeatedly and unintentionally proven to myself and others that you don’t have to flatline to learn life’s most important lessons.

Coming close can often do the trick. And I’ve had more close calls than three cats combined.

These include stealing bail money from cranky cops in the Carolinas, partying with 80’s rock stars on Mt. Everest, getting lost in the snowy backcountry of Japan, seeing ghosts while surfing in Costa Rica, subway muggers in New York, the entire myriad of things that can kill you in India, people with guns, bad drivers, erupting volcanoes, dodgy drug dealers, and hilarious stuff like Leukemia, to name a few.

In this life-changing book, I recount them all in harrowing and humorous detail. You will enjoy every page.

Assuming you live long enough.

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