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“Hacks” Season 3 Episode 1 written by Eran Thomson

Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t seen the HBO Max show “Hacks” yet, go watch it now.

The show is fantastically well written and it’s got the Emmy Awards to prove it.

HACKS Season 3, Episode 1 – written by Eran Thomson

“Hacks” is exactly the kind of show I’d love to write for. So much so, the day after Season 2 ended I started writing Hacks Season 3.

In industry parlance, this is known as a “spec.” In other words, nobody paid me to write this.

I wrote it out of love, and to test myself against what I consider to be some of the best writing talent around, but mostly because I wasn’t ready for Season 2 to end.


The good news is the show has been renewed, so there will be a Season 3, but if like me, you can’t wait til next year, you can always read my take on how it could kick off.

For real fans, there are several inside jokes that only super nerds and the creators of the show might get.

If you think you know what they are, hit me up in the comments.

Read my Hacks script here or check out some of my other scripts.

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