I am The Joy Pusher

I push joy by

My product?

High-grade moments of meaningful connection.

I do this by slinging wit, words, and new ways of doing things.

And by converting optimism into action to deliver the addictive delights the world wants.

Count on me to hook you up with writing, advertising, entertainment, innovation, workshops, and talks of pure substance.

I’m on the streets every day trafficking in smiles and laughter.

So if you’re jonesing for a dose of dopamine, page me.

I got your fix.

More broadly, I thrive at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

As a creative director and communications specialist, I am dedicated to using my wide skill set, unique perspective, and limitless imagination to convert ideas into reality and help others achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

My mission is to shift paradigms and, where possible, use humor to make the world a better place with boundless creativity, constant innovation, restless ambition, and stories well told.

I’ve beaten cancer, been beaten by Mt. Everest, and like to bust rhymes to the beat.

Currently open to writing assignments, media commentary, consulting opportunities, speaking gigs, board roles, freelance creative development, and ideas on where to find a decent burrito in Australia.

For now, please enjoy this braggy blub.

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And play my game at song-saga.com

Joy Pusher’s One Word Suggestion podcast is your personal toolbox full of ways to help you craft a more mindful and meaningful existence.
In each 3-minute episode, I use a single word, suggested by listeners, as a leaping off point to explore how developing an improvisational mindset will help you perform at a higher level personally and professionally.
Whether you aspire to be better on stage or on the job, this quick hit of improv inspiration is sure to bring you some insights, perspective, and joy.
 Listen now on GoogleAppleSpotify or wherever you find podcasts. Learn more at onewordsuggestion.net or suggest a word below in the comments.
Like what you hear? Listen to joy pusher’s guest appearances on other people’s podcasts, or invite me to speak at your next event.
Read interesting things on my blog here
And play joy pusher’s new game at song-saga.com
Song Saga will remind you that you weren’t always so boring. Every time you play you’ll take a musical trip down memory lane that helps you remember how much fun life used to be. That’s why we call it the party game that helps you remember how much you rock.
Every green card in the Song Saga box will spark a memory of a moment or music that matters to you. And once you start remembering all the songs and stories the game triggers, you’ll start attaching new memories to songs and stashing them away in the back of your brain for the next time you play.
One of Joy pusher’s favourite things about playing Song Saga is how it brings out stories that otherwise might have been forgotten or gone untold. And the stories that come out are authentic and engaging because they are imbued with meaning by default. And when people are sharing that way it brings everyone closer together.