Eran Thomson is the Joy Pusher, Writer, Director, Creative Pro, Creative Director, CCO., Chief Creative Officer

Eran Thomson is the Joy Pusher

I am the Joy Pusher

My product?

High-grade moments of meaningful connection.

I do this by slinging wit, words, and new ways of doing things.

And by converting optimism into action to deliver the addictive delights the world wants.

Count on me to hook you up with advertising, entertainment, innovation, writing, workshops, and talks of pure substance.

I’m on the streets every day trafficking in smiles and laughter.

So if you’re jonesing for a dose of dopamine, page me.

I got your fix.

More broadly, I thrive at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

As a communications specialist, I am dedicated to using my wide skill set, unique perspective, and limitless imagination to convert ideas into reality and help others achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

My mission is to shift paradigms and, where possible, use humour to make the world a better place with boundless creativity, constant innovation, restless ambition, and stories well told.

I’ve beaten cancer, been beaten by Mt. Everest, and like to bust rhymes to the beat.

Currently open to consulting opportunities, speaking gigs, board roles, media commentary, freelance creative development, and ideas on where to find a decent burrito in Australia.

Listen to my podcast: “One Word Suggestion” on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you find podcasts.

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