A braggy blurb.

Eran Thomson is a creative leader with such a broad skillset

It’s hard to put him in a box.

He started his career as a writer at advertising agencies like BBH New York, came to Sydney as an Associate Creative Director at TBWA, and then started an agency called Freeform (sold to AJF in 2014).

Since then he has been a freelance Creative Director and Writer/Director while putting his multipotentialite powers to use doing amazing things like…

Founding Zuper, a superannuation fin-tech where he was Chief Creative Officer (acquired in 2020).

Starting Laugh Masters Academy, Australia’s first improv comedy school (acquired in 2021).

Launching PowerProv, a corporate training and team-building business (self-managing).

And most recently, he created the hit conversation card game Song Saga.

At his core, Eran is an absolute wordsmith.

He’s written scripts for Hollywood, developed comms for businesses and brands worldwide, wrote the three-minute One Word Suggestion podcast, and has multiple book projects on the go.

He is also a verifiable idea machine and can come up with more innovative solutions in a few days than most teams can come up with in a month.

He’s got a passion for storytelling, digital, design, detail, and craft. He’s won all the awards and is great in the room.

Eran enjoys mentoring younger talent too. He’s been an AWARD School tutor and currently offers free (and paid) portfolio reviews and creative coaching.

But for Eran, the real prize is collaborating in an environment where creativity and commerce can thrive, and he can help people reach their potential for greatness.

That’s why they call him The Joy Pusher.

– D.L.