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Eran Thomson on The Cuppa of Life Show: Feel the Power

I was invited to be a guest in the Cuppa of Life virtual cafe to chat about beating cancer, starting a comedy school, and the many benefits of developing an improvisational mindset.

Cuppa of Life is your morning dose of inspiration

I love what Luke Cook and Jill Covitz have created with “Cuppa.” It’s a lovely format designed specifically to help people connect in times of uncertainty and isolation.

Every week they host a variety of incredible talent who share stories, inspiration, and motivation. It was an honour to spend time with them.

Cuppa of Life continues to expand as an opportunity to inspire, connect and uplift a growing community every morning.

If you haven’t yet been to the Cuppa of Life cafe, subscribe to their YouTube channel, or sign up on their website.


Download the Takeaway Menu from our session.

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