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Eran Thomson on the You Really Shouldn’t Have podcast: Worst. Gift. Ever.

The You Really Shouldn’t Have podcast with James Warwick. Episode 47: Eran Thomson

All of us have received a bad gift.

This means lots of us are guilty of giving bad gifts and probably have no idea.

That’s the brilliantly simple idea behind James Warwick’s wonderful bad gifts podcast, You Really Shouldn’t Have.

It’s a great hook, but James’ show goes deeper than just bad gifts. We cover a long list of topics in a short amount of time and he’s a thoughtful host.

In preparation for our chat, I not only thought about what my worst gift story might be, but I also explored my own behaviour and beliefs around the giving and receiving of gifts.

Only Child Syndrome (OCS) is REAL!
Exhibit A

My wife will tell you I used to be bad at accepting gifts, even good ones, earning me the moniker of “Mr. Particular.”

Part of this is because I had long-held negative beliefs about not being able to have what I wanted.

When you grow up poor you get used to disappointment. And if I ever did get exactly what I’d hoped for, it was hard to believe there wasn’t a catch.

I also learned that getting exactly what you hoped for can still be a bummer.

This is because one year for Christmas I told my parents that all I wanted was a chemistry set. So that year for Christmas the only present I got was a chemistry set. Nothing else. Nada. Zilch.

So yeah, I had gift issues.

The story I share in the podcast scarred me for much of my life and made me super hard to shop for.

Thankfully I’m over all that now and if anyone wants to gift me a Singer Porsche 911, I will happily take the keys.

Any colour is fine.

This was one of my fave interviews and I think you’ll enjoy the episode. Thanks for listening.

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