Effie Awards 2015 Eran Thomson

Maximus “Go Big” Wins an Effie

Effie Awards 2015 Eran ThomsonA little over a year ago I worked on the launch of a new sports drink called Maximus.

Its basically Gatorade in a bigger bottle. There wasn’t much else to say, so I wrote the sort of obvious campaign line “Go Big,” and then we sat around and came up with a million cool ideas that could bring that positioning to life in a fun and relevant way.

Sadly none of our “big” ideas went big and we ended up writing a bunch of dick jokes.

Fast forward to last week and we now have proof that dick jokes are not only always funny, but they can be used to sell sweet, colourful, electrolyte laden liquid. Lots of it apparently. Even the yellow one.

Joel Chapman Effie Awards for Maximus Go Big Eran Thomson
Here’s a picture of my mate Joel (in the hat) who worked on this with me collecting our award. He’s a genuine rock star. Like, plays in a famous band and stuff, so that’s probably why he doesn’t care about facing the camera so much.

For those of you who don’t know, the Effies are the international advertising award show where you win based on how well your campaign actually worked. Unlike things like Clever Buoy which doesn’t actually exist other then a non-functioning prototype, but I digress.

Anyway, it’s always good to be a winner, especially in this business. And the best news is when Joel wakes up hungover after some hard earned celebrating, he’s got a major stash of sweet, colourful, electrolyte laden liquid to help get him back to peak performance.

Well done team.


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