Bronze Boomerang

I am your time-poor, but kind, generous, and helpful Creative Director.

I will give you a FREE 10-minute video review of your online portfolio.


Available on back-order


This review level will give you top-level suggestions on how to improve your ideas and the presentation of your work.

After this review…

  • You will have ideas on how to improve some, but probably not all of the work in your portfolio
  • You will witness in real-time how people like recruiters and creative directors perceive your work and personal brand
  • You will discover new opportunities for creating award-worthy work
  • You will want to come back for more creative coaching and collaboration

The Bronze Boomerang

Count on me to hunt down any problems, make sure you’re not missing any blind spots, and throw some first thoughts together for ways you can improve.

At this level, I will pack in as many helpful suggestions as possible to get you started down the path towards creative confidence.

The goal is to give you awesome feedback that helps you hit your goals.

And maybe makes you want to come flying back for more.


  • Top-level creative direction and initial feedback
  • Top-level technical website audit

Note: Paid reviews take precedence, so if you want feedback fast, consider upgrading.

Who this review is good for:

  • Creatives at any level
  • And any discipline


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