Silver Skillet

I am your secret or not-so-secret creative weapon.

I will do a video review of your entire online portfolio and give you recipes for creative success.

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This review level will give you creative confidence and make your portfolio stand out.

After this review…

  • Your portfolio will be stronger and less likely to get dismissed
  • You will witness in real-time how people like recruiters and creative directors perceive your work and personal brand
  • You will be more confident in your work and ideas
  • You will discover new opportunities for creating award-worthy work
  • You will make more meals at home. Or not.

The Silver Skillet

This is a tasty treat for any creative looking to add some flavour to their folio.

I will look at everything on your website and see if you’ve got the ingredients for something hot and delicious.

If you do, I’ll search for ways to spice things up.

If you don’t, I’ll gently hit you upside the head with a pan full of reality and help you prepare a beautiful banquet of work you’d be proud to serve.

What you’ll get is similar to the longer reviews you can watch on this website but way more in-depth.

If you are trying to break into the industry, this will give you a taste of what it’s like to get honest creative feedback that makes your ideas stronger.

If you are already working, this will give you a fresh perspective on your folio, highlight any blind spots, and fill you with creative confidence.

Let’s play in the creative kitchen and transform your portfolio into a money-making feast for the eyes.


  • Full creative portfolio review
  • Creative direction to make your folio hot and delicious
  • Top-level technical website audit

Optional side orders:

This review is  ideal for:

  • Creatives at any level and any discipline
  • Anyone wanting a genuine, unfiltered response to their work and how it is perceived


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