Gold Gull

I am your Portfolio Whisperer and Soaring Success Maker

I will do a complete review of your online portfolio and work with you to take your ideas to all new highs.

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This review level not only makes your portfolio better. It will make you better with a one-on-one Q&A, collaborative ideation, and creative coaching.

After this review…

  • Your portfolio will be stronger
  • You will witness in real-time how people like recruiters and creative directors perceive your work and personal brand
  • You will be more confident in your work and ideas
  • You know how to take OK ideas and make them better
  • You will discover new ways to create award-worthy work
  • You will know how to create award-winning opportunities
  • You will pet random animals on the street. Maybe.

The Gold Gull

This is personalised problem-solving and collaborative ideation at its almost best.*

We will flock together and let the ideas soar as we glide towards greatness.

We will hatch new concepts and raise up your existing ones.

And we will put together a portfolio that makes recruiters, headhunters, clients and creative directors squawk with delight.

Will we not be pooping on cars.

If you are trying to break into the industry, this will help you land on your feet somewhere great.

If you are already working, this will help you flap your way up the corporate ladder and get the money you don’t deserve.

Let’s set some sky-high goals and transform your portfolio into a heavenly body of work.


  • Full creative portfolio review
  • Creative direction to place your folio high above the rest
  • Live one-on-one Q&A
  • Up to three hours of co-conceptual development
  • Additional pay-as-you-go “piece-by-piece” co-concepting time as desired
  • Suggested tools and tech to help you win
  • Full technical website audit
  • Folio shared with headhunters and agency recruiters
  • Option to upgrade to a private review

Invaluable support materials:

  • The secret to getting great creative briefs – with examples and templates you can give clients/account people/strategists
  • 67 idea-generation hacks that will get you creatively unstuck

This review is ideal for:

  • Mid to Senior level creatives
  • Anyone who believes conceptual thinking is as important as execution


*The Titanium Torch level is the actual best, but the Gold Gull is really really good.


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