Piece by Piece

I am your Idea Machine and collaborative Creative Director.

I will help you transform one thing in your portfolio from good to great.


In stock (can be backordered)


This will be a fun, collaborative process that makes one piece or one campaign in your portfolio even better.

After this…

  • Your portfolio will be stronger
  • You will have a piece or campaign you can be even more proud of
  • You will have experience workshopping ideas with a CD-level creative
  • You will not be puzzled about what to do next

Piece by Piece

Sometimes all you need is a little outside perspective.

Or someone to brainstorm with.

And suddenly that “OK” piece in your folio goes from good to great.

If you’ve got something in your portfolio that feels like it has potential or that isn’t at the level you think it could be, let’s work on it together.

I’ll jump on a video call with you, share some of my many creativity hacks, and help you concept.

Together will transform that one thing in your book into something you can be proud of.

And more importantly, something that clients, recruiters, and CDs will love.


  • Up to 1-hour of creative direction and super fun co-concepting
  • Killer headlines if you need/want them
  • Art direction guidance and layout suggestions
  • More ideas than you’ll know what to do with (Don’t worry I’ll guide you)


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