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Eran Thomson on the Off Topic Podcast: Clearing Your Plate

The Off Topic Podcast with Perry Ramsey: Eran Thomson

I recently read Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” and in it, he writes about overcommitting and taking on too many projects.

At one point he was running 5 different companies.

Then one day his phone rang. It was his own production company calling and he found himself not wanting to pick up the phone.

The next thing Matthew did was call his lawyer and instruct them to shut down his production company and music label.

Because, he writes…

“I was tired of making B’s in five things. I wanna make A’s in three things.”

I can relate.

This idea of clearing our plate and making room for the things that matter most to us is how we kick off this episode of Perry Ramsey’s Off Topic podcast.

For me juggling a comedy school, a corporate training business, writing, directing, podcasting, and freelance advertising work – all while pimping the #1 hit music and storytelling party game, was a few too many things I was getting B’s in.

So like Matthew, I’m working on clearing my plate so I can play to my unique ability and start getting straight A’s.

Because focusing on less means we can achieve more.

On the show, we also talk about the power of developing an improvisational mindset, the entrepreneurial myth, Song Saga, the lyrical nature of Schenectady, New York, and the theme song of your life.*

Listen below, on the Off Topic site, or wherever you find podcasts. And if you have a podcast and are looking for guests, I’d love to be considered.

*Mine is below if you got some dance in your pants.

eran thomson on the off topic podcast with perry ramsey

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