I'm Not Jealous You Are 1

I’m Not Jealous You Are

I'm Not Jealous You Are

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

L.S. - Writer

There’s lots to like in this folio and loads we can learn from it.

So strap in, and see how your portfolio compares – and be honest with yourself about it.

Because chances, are you can pick up a few things here that will make it stronger.

Full disclosure, I was always probably going to like this folio. Not only is the writer a fellow improv nerd (I founded LMA and PowerProv), but we have both written the occasional magazine article and screenplay – and we both worked at BBH, so I was expecting good things.

And I found them.

On the “about” page he says he is working with brilliant collaborators. I like that he acknowledges that this is a team sport. I would have liked to see a little more visual hierarchy on this page, but it’s clean and functional.

It appears that, in addition to generating ideas, he is also working with Art Directors and/or Designers to create unique visual assets that make his folio shine.

One example is the case study videos. Could they be shorter? Yes. But nobody wants to read. And these are a nice way to explain the ideas, without filling a page full of text.

Another is the large key images he’s got for each section that show a lot of information in a way that’s digestible – and playful.

I also really like how he shares links to all the press his work has gotten, and the awards lists in each section are a nice touch too.

Creatively, there is a wonderful diversity of ideas, but not much traditional work. I’d have liked to see a couple of killer print campaigns in the mix.

There are also several instances of work for the same client. I recommend choosing the best one. This isn’t always possible but showing different work for different brands is almost always going to work harder than showing different work for one brand.

I like that despite the clean navigation you can see some of his personality peeking through. The extra non-ad work in particular helps me get a better sense of who they are as a person.

And the Esquire Magazine work helps cement his credibility as a wordsman. Esquire! I am jealous.

And not-so-secretly hoping they can make an intro to an Editor in exchange for this free review. I got samples!

Next time I’m in Singapore, we’re getting chicken rice.


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