Slower than Sandals, but Better than Most 1

Slower than Sandals, but Better than Most

Slower than Sandals, but Better than Most

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

R.R. - Writer

This person’s name is cool as hell.

So I apologise for saying it completely wrong in this review.

With that out of the way, there’s a lot we can learn from this one.

For starters, the navigation is clean and simple with the only two things most hirers want to see: Work and About.

And the “About” section is great. A nice short, funny story that speaks to their character in a way that makes the reader like them. That’s the Holy Grail, and this writer found it.

I do wish the brand experience section linked to work on the site.

There’s a good mix of work without overwhelming the viewer. I like that there are only nine panels on the front page. This, as we’ve seen in other reviews, can be deceiving, and hide a ton of work nobody has time to click through. But in this case, good restraint was shown.

Workwise, there’s a lot of TV. These days that can make you seem old-school. So having more print, OOH, and/or social stuff would help.

I love that there’s radio here too – I wish the spots took full advantage of the format to deliver the clever audio experiences that a brand like Frank’s Hot Sauce deserves.

I tell people all the time to only put their best work in their folio.

And there are times here when it’s hard to know if this person knows what their best work is. Two of the Jamie Foxx spots are so much stronger than the 3rd, it makes me wonder why they included it.

The same goes for Kroger – the double plates are great and something we’ve never seen before. The holiday spots, while beautifully executed, lack enough cheer (originality) to land a spot in this folio.

There are also a few sections that seem to have work that’s unrelated to what I clicked on.

This happens more often than you might think. Always check when you publish a post or page on your site that it appears where you want it to.

Overall, this folio gets most things right. It’s purely functional, without any superfluous bells and whistles.

But it would be nice to see just a bit more personality come through.


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