A Menace I'd Like to Meet 1

A Menace I’d Like to Meet

A Menace I'd Like to Meet

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

L.O. - Associate Creative Director/Copywriter

If you’re a copywriter then all the copy in your portfolio should be great.

And in this one, all the copy I saw is.

It rewards the reader and makes them want to know more.

Not just about the work, but also the person who did it.

And that is the sign of a winning portfolio.

The reality is, at a certain level, everyone expects the work to be good.

But when the personality of the person who did it comes through in a cool, playful, and fun way, that just makes you even more employable.

Or at the very least makes people want to meet you.

And that’s really what any online folio needs to do.

I like how she starts her folio with the most impressive piece of work – Michelle Obama!

It’s a smart way to make a strong first impression that frames how people perceive the rest of the work.

And even though she uses a lot of copy to explain her work which I typically suggest people don’t do, the copy is good enough that she gets away with it.

There are a few things I noticed that might help her folio work harder.

But they are mostly small design tweaks that are more related to the website than the work on it.

In this free and short Bronze Boomerang review I didn’t get to see enough work to get a sense of where L.O. is in her career.

Or judge the quality of her ideas.

But I do know that her personal style, character, and craft come through.

And she seems like someone I’d like to work with.

And maybe share a whisky sour with when the work is done.


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