Surf and Style's Up 1

Surf and Style’s Up

Surf and Style's Up

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

Person's name - discipline

This folio has some slick features and cool UX.

But some of it might be hurting more than it helps.

My suggestion is don’t be overly clever for clever’s sake.

The work is more important than how you present it.

Think of your website as a frame and your work as the art.

You don’t want your frame to be more interesting than what it holds.

There are also a few UX things that I’d normally let slide except when someone says they’re a UX designer.

Load more buttons that don’t load more for example.

This person has talent and skills, but the choices she’s made when it comes to showing them off could probably be stronger.

For example, there are lots of social media tiles, but those follow a strict format and may not be the best medium to show off your design chops.

There are also a few things I notice on lots of folio sites that are easy fixes.

These include…

  • Cleaning up (simplifying) hero thumbnail images.
  • Making images with text on them big enough to read or clickable to show a larger image.
  • Showing only your best work, not all your work.
  • Showing the work first, and any explanations second – if you need them.

That said, the short intros she uses are good, but I still think showing more and telling less is the way.

I like how T.N. has her bio in the footer and it’s nice and short.

And also that she’s chosen to put a credibility-building “Who I’ve worked with” on the home page – this can be nice, especially for freelancers.

There’s a of nice stuff here and with some polishing, this folio could be even more professional.


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