Screenwriter vs. Copywriter 1

Screenwriter vs. Copywriter

Screenwriter vs. Copywriter.

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

S.B. - Screenwriter/Copywriter

Most great writers can write more than one type of thing.

But that doesn’t mean all writing is created equal.

And in this instance, having screenwriting and copywriting on the same site may not be the best way forward.

For better or worse, people want to put you in a box.

And both film people and ad people can be snobs about what they do.

So my strong suggestion is to separate these two disciplines onto two separate websites.

And then direct the right people to the right site for the work they might want to hire you to do.

My favorite thing on the copywriting side is a spec TV ad.

I love the initiative he takes to write, produce, and film a fake ad for a fake product that actually seems viable.

This is the sort of thing that might convince a CD to give you a shot.

But there are a number of things getting in the way.

Over-explaining work that doesn’t need explaining.

Using puns instead of coming up with a great idea.

Showing only one ad for each idea instead of campaigns.

Not showing enough ideas.

And telling us your ideas are great when really, it’s up to the viewer to decide that.

For juniors trying to break in, it can be super tough.

Especially if you are competing against people who have just come out of a years-long training program.

My biggest piece of advice is to crank out more ideas, be ruthless and choose only the best, and find an art director to collaborate with who can help you make them look great.

Lastly, if you’re not hearing back from agencies, it might be because there isn’t a contact form or email on your site.

That’s what I’d fix first.


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