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Some people say advertising is bullshit, or even evil.

I could easily defend the industry with the familiar rhetoric around job creation, economic growth and the real need for brand awareness and recognition regardless of how amazing (or crap) your product or service is, but the truth is, I just did it because it seemed cool and I was good at it.

In my defence, all I can say is I never did ads for cigarettes (my Mom made me promise) and advertising gave me a way to eat, drink and pay a mortgage at a time in my life when it wasn’t clear to me I had other options.

Plus, like many other “evil” things, if done in moderation, it can be a lot of fun  – and, of course, do real good for the economy blah, blah, blah.

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Check out the #1 best advertising portfolio
McDonalds ATM ad

My first ever produced ad. You have know idea how excited I was about this at the time. Free Big Macs!

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