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Delicious design in a tidy package.

Delicious design in a tidy package.

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

J.B. - Designer

James gets a lot of things right.

He doesn’t overwhelm you with too many projects and examples of his work.

There’s plenty of white space so even though he shares a lot of info, there’s no visual overload.

And his work is gorgeous.

He claims to specialise in sustainability which I love.

But he doesn’t ever show how he delivers on this which is a missed opportunity.

It would be cool to see if he can do something like what Low Tech Magazine do to prove his positioning.

I really like that he has pricing packages on his site to pre-qualify customers.

And I also like how he uses his testimonials to show more work that isn’t in the main “projects” section of his site.

Put those in the nav! And keep your nav consistent.

The order across the top should match the order in which you present things on your home page.

Also, the nav is a bit glitchy in places which could be a limitation of Squarespace, but it’s worth looking into.

Another thing to consider: Do you want to present yourself as a solo freelancer?

Or a design agency?

The decision to call it “Public”  and use the word “Haus” implies agency.

But a lot of the copy on the site uses “I” instead of “we.”

Decide which you want to be perceived as.

And then work with a copywriter to update the language to match and tighten everything up.

Next time I’m in Glasgow I will be sure to smash a McLeod’s cider and a Jamiesons’ potato scone.

Thanks for sharing your portfolio James.

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