Disco dancing in Ideatown. 1

Disco dancing in Ideatown.

Disco dancing in Ideatown

A creative portfolio review

by Eran Thomson

J.B. - Art Director

In a world of perfectly-polished portfolios, Jay’s website stands out.

It’s playful, and fun, and really lets his personality shine through.

There are some navigation issues to work out and being consistent with how and where he presents information will help.

The work itself shows creative thinking, but in many cases, he doesn’t quite close the loop on the ideas.

By adding a missing logo here, and a better tagline there, his work will get better.

Much of the work is a result of briefs he’s gotten from school or award show competitions.

These can be good if you win and the work is great.

But sometimes the asked-for outputs don’t match what CDs will be looking for (or really want to see) in your folio.

And if it’s a big comp. then whoever you’re showing your work to will likely have seen other people’s ideas for it already.

Which makes your folio stand out less.

I strongly recommend finding some local brands, products, or services to do campaigns for.

This will provide experience working with clients, put unique work in your folio that no one else has, and possibly get you paid and/or winning awards.

Since Jay is also a photographer, I’m suggesting he shoot and art direct some campaigns for his folio too.

Take initiative and use all the skills you have to get yourself noticed!

And soon you’ll be dancing your way into a job.

Thanks for sharing your portfolio Jay!

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